French is not an easy language to learn...Should try to learn it alone at home on the internet or should you come to france to learn french in france with intensive french courses ?



 • Learn french in your bed...No need to go to the class room

 • Learn french when you want day, by a month or in a year.

 • You don't need to talk to french people if you don't like them !

 • Some online methods are very good : you may for exemple work your pronunciation by repeating after the teacher.

 • Is it useful to learn french in you don't try to talk to french people ?

 • You'll miss a good opportunity to visit a lovely country while you learn french with a friendly teacher.


 • There is no better way to learn french...speak to real peopleis the best training method.

 • You'll work with other people who will learn french at the same time : time to share !

 • You will increase your level faster than learning french alone.

 • You can learn at every moment : by doing sport, travelling, cooking.

 • A french immersion program is the best method to learn fast and painless

 • You'll have to travel to this beautiful country! :-)

 • And yes it's a little bit more expensive.

Verdict : Learn French in France

It's of course more simple to learn quietly at home...but unquestionably you'd better take a plane and find a french school in france to learn french in france. Intensive french courses is the best way to learn french in france.